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CCC Ballroom Rules & Policies



We will be observing all current state, county & local guidelines in place at the time of the event. These policies may include mandatory masks in the ballroom, possibly even while dancing. There will be increased spacing in seating and spectators may be limited in order to meet current guidelines. We will also have sanitization stations setup around the hotel & ballroom for you convenience.  As the city and state guidelines are currently changing at a rapid pace we we will not fully know what policies will be in place until just days before the event. We thank you for your understanding.


Refund for Tickets and Entries
To receive any refund, all cancellations and changes must be done 1 week prior to start date of the event. Any cancellation after that is subject to a 25% penalty. Any cancellation during the event is subject to no refund. Circumstances pending.


Costumes are permitted in all adult & junior levels of entry. All costumes are to be in good taste and must represent the style of dance in which you have entered. Social dance attire is more recommended for Newcomers


The entry deadline is 6/7/21. A $5.00 late fee per person/per entry may be charged to your account if the entries are received after this date. Top Teacher points may not count on entries received after the deadline.


Tickets and Passes
All competitors and teachers must purchase or earn a Ballroom Day pass, a Foothills pass, or a Mile High Gold Pass.


Competition Schedule
You must follow the competition schedule as it is posted in the final program. You must be in the ballroom and ready to dance your event 30 minutes prior to that events posted time. If you miss your event it is forfeited. There is no time in the schedule for a make-up and there is no refund on a missed event.


Loss, Theft and Injury
The CCC Ballroom Challenge will not be held responsible for any personal property lost or stolen from the ballroom before, during or after the event.

The CCC Ballroom Challenge will not be held responsible for any injury incurred before, during, or after the event. Participants should ENTER AT THEIR OWN RISK.


Private Video Recording
Private video recording is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. No exceptions.


Smoking is strictly prohibited in and around the ballroom during the event.


Single Dance Vouchers
Al vouchers received during single dance events may only be redeemed at the following year of CCC Ballroom Challenge. All vouchers are expired after that following year.


Top Teacher Qualify
In order to qualify for Top Teacher awards, all teachers must have a minimum of 30 pro-am entries. To qualify for 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions, teachers must have a minimum of 75 pro/am entries. Men and lady teachers will be combined in this category. You will receive points for every entry danced. These points will be tabulated at the end of the event and all prizes will be given out right away. Due to time constraints please limit yourself to a maximum of 125 Smooth/Standard single dance entries and 125 Rhythm/Smooth single dance entries. All amateur couple entries will be awarded the same points as single dance entries, if registered by their teacher. All un-contested entries will receive full points. Any discounted entries will receive ½ points. Your points and prize money is subject to dis-qualification if your entries are submitted past the deadline, {no exceptions}.



Top Teacher Points

 1 point/ single dance entry                                    10 points/ scholarship entry

10 points/ 1st place (single dances)                       20 points/ 1st place (scholarships)

8 points/ 2nd place (single dances)                        16 points/ 2nd place (scholarships)

6 points/ 3rd place (single dances)                        12 points/ 3rd place (scholarships)

4 points/ 4th place (single dances)                        8 points/ 4th place (scholarships)

2 points/ 5th place (single dances)                        4 points/ 5th place (scholarships)

1 points/ 6th place (single dances)                        2 points/ 6th place (scholarships)           

2 points for each recall (single dances)                 4 points for each recall (single dances)


Top Teacher Prizes

            1st Place - $600

            2nd Place - $400

            3rd Place - $200

            4th Place - $100

            5th Place - $50


Scholarship Information
This year we are offering a total of 8 scholarships. We are offering 2 levels, Bronze and Silver as well as 2 age groups, A1 (16+) and B1 (45+) in both American Smooth and American Rhythm. Students may only enter one scholarship per style (Smooth/Rhythm). Students may enter different levels and/or age groups in Smooth and Rhythm.


In order to qualify for scholarship, a student must enter in at least five (5) freestyle / single dance events for Rhythm & Smooth, per scholarship event entered. For example, if you want to enter in Silver Smooth AND Bronze Rhythm Scholarship, you would need 5 single dances for Smooth and 5 for Rhythm -- a total of 10 single dance entries.


We will be paying the top 3 places in each scholarship as follows:

            1st Place -$150

            2nd Place - $75

            3rd Place - $40

                        (For any scholarship with fewer than 4 entries prize money will be ½.)

                        (For any scholarship with 8 or more entries prize money will be doubled.)


Professional Rising Star Show Dance

These will be danced in a Solo Format to music of your choice Please be sure your show dance is between 1 ½ minute minimum and 3 ½ minute maximum. Please provide music, edited, on CD or USB Flash Drive. All show dances must be a recognizable dancesport dance as listed on the CCC Entry Form.  Lifts and Drops are allowed, but not required. Cost for this event will be FREE - with a minimum of 5 pro-am entries from either Pro

or $35/ couple (without pro-am entries).


We will be paying the top 3 places for the Professional Rising Star Show Dance:

            1st Place -$200

            2nd Place - $100

            3rd Place - $75

                        (If there are fewer than 4 entries prize money will be ½.)

                        (If there are 8 or more entries prize money will be doubled.)           



Registration Deadline: June 7th, 2021

     Please direct questions to Toby Munroe - email – or 303-596-8510


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